Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dreaming Is A Free Art.

First of all,

  • Private India: James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi [A thriller about a serial killer]
  • A Painted House: John Grisham [Surprisingly enough, it doesn't have anything to do with law suits, courts or advocates. Just a simple story set in a rural Arkansas written from the POV of a 7 year old boy.]
  • The Mother I Never Knew: Sudha Murty (two novellas, set in Karnataka, simple uncomplicated tales)
  • Kim: Rudyard Kipling (currently reading..)
I discovered:
  • Quora (Hilarious, informative and interesting.)
  • Minube (I'm making distant travel plans without moving an inch.)
  • Coursera (I've signed up for a few online courses. On the Topics I Like. For FREE. from Top Universities.I'm excited! :P) I mean seriously, there's so much you can do online. I mean worthwhile stuff. :P And here I am scrolling through endless newsfeed on Facebook. -_-
This is how my weekly schedule generally is: (No really. This is for the coming week)
  • Monday: Doc Appointment, Swimming
  • Tue: Driving exam practice, Swimming JustBooks
  • Thursday: Habba, it seems.
  • Friday: Another Habba, it seems.
  • Saturday: Swimming, Justbooks, Meet friend.
  • Sunday: Swimming, Family Time
  • Monday: Swimming it seems, Sanjana's ghar (Finally!!)
  • Tuesday: Sanjana's ghar
  • Wednesday: Vasanthnagar (Finally!!)
And so on. -_- In the past week, I went back to PESIT and met Maidha and Manasa. Yes it was good to be back, see all the familiar faces and meet up with old pals. But sadly, I felt out of place. I mean, the campus, the people and the whole atmosphere was so awesome, I felt I didn't belong there. I wish I knew why. Maybe its for the simple reason that I don't really have any 'gang of friends' there. Just a few people I'd like to keep in touch with. I didn't really do much; I chatted with Manasa and marveled her hot haircut (which I can never dare to get, despite living in a hostel, 250kms away from home.) and then hunted for Maidha. I hogged her cheese sandwich and walked her to class while grumbling about how fashionable her campus was. And then I took the bus back home. It's just 10 minutes away anyway.

By now, you might have discovered that:
  • I'm an incurable fan of Bullet Points.
  • I love announcing the books I've read, currently reading or intend to read.
  • My blogging frequency has definitely increased, but the quality of blogging has definitely dipped. Oh Well, Age does that to you. 
My latest talents include:
  • Driving a car. (while the driving instructor has another set of clutch and brakes with him, but hey I'll soon start off in the i10 :))
  • Riding a gaadi. (Yes! Finally! I ride to swimming class everyday. Okay, the funny part is that Appa's office is on the same route so he comes behind me. -_- BUTBUTBUT, I ride without anybody following me as well. It's fun. :) Will I get to zoom through the streets of Shimoga? Maybe, Maybe not.
  • Swimming several laps of the breadth of the swimming pool. Nothing can get more exhausting. But it's a lot more enjoyable than sweating it out on the treadmill for burning the same amount of calories.
  • Jumping into 8 feet depth. (Hey, maybe that's called diving! *Yayy!*)
  • Wolfing down 3/4th of a Small Peppy Paneer Pizza in MINUTES. (It's got to be a record, I swear. I was practically famished so I devoured it.)
  • Changing my WhatsApp DP alarmingly often. *giggles* I can't help it, I find all these amazing quotes and witty oneliners and sarcastic stuff that I simply can't resist from making it my DP.
  • Accepting that some people will continue to be a part of my life. What I can change is how much I'm going to care about it. This realization has actually made me a lot happier, less of a worrier. It's in my hands to decide how much importance I give to any task or any person, so it's about time I take advantage of that. :)
Fear is looming large as the days pass, results may come in the near future. What has to happen will happen. Uncertainty is hard to bear and but maybe that's solace sometimes. Because atleast, that gives you the benefit of doubt. Unsure of what lies ahead, what to expect and where I'm heading. Sometimes I wonder, where do I really belong?  It's neither here, in Bangalore, in the comfort of my home, nor there, in Shimoga, in the hostel, but with myself. That's the only constant. People move in and out of our lives, few persist, fewer will be there for us, but we are the only constant, our only hope for a better tomorrow. Nobody else, nothing else will really be there for you until the end. It's just you, at the end of the day. In the end, only you will truly appreciate your efforts and achievements, only you will sit back and regret on the lost opportunities, and only you are responsible for the kind of life you lead. 

“That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” 
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Home is a notion that only nations of the homeless fully appreciate and only the uprooted comprehend.” 
― Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose

Cheers! :)