Thursday, August 14, 2014

Salaam Walekum.

Hello there. :)

So, I'm back in Bangalore after my mini vacation high up in the North and I might as well begin! :D

6th August 2014

  • Di is feeling better, Ma is on antibiotics and it's my turn to fall ill. We rush to Sanjeevini Clinic and get a few meds to get me better.
  • News arrives that Nidhz isn't keeping well and we wish her to get well soon.
  • I have driving and riding classes that evening and manage to maneuver through the traffic without crashing into any pole or person.
  • Finish up with the packing and proceed to have dinner. Dad arrives home at 8PM (So early no? -_-)
7th August 2014

  •  So it seems like I've just fallen asleep when I'm woken up by the tune of 'Kabira' at 2:00AM. The time had finally come! We quickly got ready and left home by 4:00AM The streets were dark and as we progressed towards the busier areas, people and vehicles began to multiply in numbers.
  • The Airport was abuzz with activity and we finished all the necessary baggage and security checks well ahead of the stipulated time. We spent the next hour or so lounging around in the airport, watching the sky brighten and the occasional flight take off. Di seemed excited and ran around everywhere like the hyper kid that she is. After packing some breakfast, we boarded the plane and waited patiently as an attractive airhostess explained the safety guidelines (but honestly, being attractive can distract the poor passengers from listening to the guidelines no? :P)
  • Di was rather shocked by the whole take-off process while Ma and I exchanged smiles of excitement (and Pa simply closed his eyes). She looked down and yelped in horror as the houses now looked like tiny matchboxes and the vehicles looked like ants crawling on the ground.
  • After a stop at Mumbai (Woah, what a crowded city. :O) and another at Amritsar, we finally reached Srinagar which was sweltering hot at around 33C. 
  • We had lunch (Gujarathi Thali) and then proceeded for a Shikhara ride on the Dal Lake. Post this, we visited the Nishat Bhag (Mughal Gardens) and then made our way to Jacqueline Houseboat located on the quaint, peaceful and unpolluted Nigeen Lake.
Accha so I'm ultra sleepy, tired and battling a toothache. I have riding class absymally early tomorrow so I'll just go away. Who knew swimming would leave me so exhausted? (Not that I'm complaining since I'm getting tanned and toned B) ) 

I think I'll just do a photostory. That seems more convenient. Because I can go on and on and never finish the travelogue. (Ahem, like the older ones)

Book Banter:

  • Sins of the Father: Jeffrey Archer (devoured overnight)
  • The Return of the Native: Thomas Hardy