Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let It Go.

There's so much I'll have to blog about but there's no way I can do it. I'll have to do it in installments or just present the highlights (In bullet points, my eternal favourite.)

So here's what's happened since my last post:
  • Bhopiee called me. (The very same day I posted my last blogpost which was a tad depressed to say the least.) It made me immensely happy and I love how she totally understood my predicament and offered some genuine advice to stay sane inspite of all the turmoil.
  • Maidha called me. (After reading my previous post. It is noteworthy and ought to be mentioned because Sheepie calling up is a rarity that must be applauded. :P )
  • We've had two Microbiology tests and a Pharmacology test.
  • We attended a wedding in Shimoga and hogged on some banana leaf dinner after what seemed like forever. Yet another spontaneous event, we got all dressed up, blessed the couple and had some good food and returned fashionably late to the hostel.
    All set to attend the wedding :)
    Selfie in the Wedding.
  • We celebrated Kannada Rajyothsava in college (where Pranesh, a humorous Kannada speaker and the Dollu Kunitha troupe provided entertainment.) So the entire event was Kannada themed and some of the performances were really good. 
Naada Geethe singing in progress.
  • Random things tend to be a lot of fun, as I've discovered lately. DO NOT LAUGH. -_-
Sliding down the stairs on a mattress. :P
  • I got into trouble with the Patho HoD in his class (inspite of showing him that I'd made notes of what he'd been teaching and he has decided to commit my face to his memory so that I get to make a fool of myself repeatedly. I'm just hoping that he won't remember me in his class in the coming week.
  • Surgery postings are over and now we're having General Medicine postings. The initial few classes were taken by Dr. Mahendrappa who is from SIMS Govt. college. His classes are like a treasure trove of knowledge thanks to his immense experience at the reputed government hospital in the city. Several diseases are endemic to certain regions such as Kyasanur Forest disease which is prevalent in this region of fluorosis which is more common in Mundargi or Leprosy which is of higher incidence in Mysore. The way in which he describes anecdotes and cases that he has seen during his service in SIMS makes me wish I was also a part of such a 'real' medical college, brimming with patients, where you acquire soft skills and your experiences are more vast. (My desire to see McGann was partly fuelled by his classes). Apart from him there's also Dr.Shekharappa from SIMS who is also extremely good and doesn't divert much from the topic assigned (which is something I don't mind though. :P )
  • Vaibhav Sir has been giving pearls of wisdom (laced and decorated with exceeding wit and sarcasm). It's amazing how some people are so knowledgeable about everything under the sun! It's not just about the field of study you are engaged in but also about everything else. His words are most often caustic yet we (OK, FINE, Maybe just Abhi and I) end up grinning like idiots over every statement that's even remotely witty). The making of a doctor is a long, arduous one and that requires sacrifices, tremendous will power and dedication. Somewhere, I guess we're nowhere near that. There's still miles and miles to go before we're even close to getting on the path towards being that person. To be "Somebody" in the medical field is not an overnight phenomenon. It happens after several years of patience, perseverance and practice. It's something that can be lost overnight, though.
  • I've been eating out lately and hogging to gargantuan extents. Morning jogging and baddie sessions have temporarily ceased and must be resumed at the earliest. Hogged twice this week. Tuesday was at Cafe Chillax, Thursday with Adi at Mathura Central and Saturday again at CC.
  • Amazon delivered to Shimoga. :) 
  1. Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology
  2. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology by Katzung
  3. Phantoms in the Brain by VS Ramachandran
  4. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  • And today, We'd been to Gajanur Dam and Sakrebailuru on gaadis. (Separate post about this up next! :D )
  • Will finally be heading home next week (after nearly 6 weeks. The longest I've stayed on this campus) but it'll be for just a few days. Cannot WAIT to see MaPaDi and play with my hyper Bheemi.
  • Oh yes. How could I forget? I'm possibly the BIGGEST Loser in the world. -_- I just don't get it! I have the horrrible, terrible, annoying, frustrating and depressing habit (Oh yes, this was the third time. :( ) of losing money. It just disappears randomly and no amount of searching, scavenging and excavation yields any positive result. I mourned over my loss for a day, carried out a massive search program in my room and the room I frequent most (Hula's room) and yet there was no hope. The worst part is there is no answer to what happened to it. :/
  • 2014 is in its last leg and it actually seems like yesterday that I'd slept off on New Year's Eve after an evening out with MaPaDiMe, Atthe, Mama, Nidhi, Ajji, Poornima Aunty and family at Pai Viceroy.. So much has happened in this year. So many events, so many memories, so many experiences, so much to learn from... 
Oh yes, I could blog further about many more things that have been happening in my not so ordinary life but then Sundays are so rare they can't just be spent on the laptop. 

Off to Camp Laibu! :D