Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spontaneity Is The Best.

Before I blog about everything else, I MUST  tell you about the events of yesterday in which I'm still absorbed because it was the most unexpected thing that happened in a long time.

So we had our MicroB test yesterday (Immune response) and my plans for visiting McGann Hospital once again went for a toss so there I was sitting in the room with a not so definite plan of doing some Across MCQs and completing my records while watching my roommate pick her wardrobe for a shaadi when out of the blue Nammu ma'am, Anu and their friend decide that I'm going to join them. With no more details than "Get ready and come in 2 minutes" I had no clue where we were heading.

When I got to the gate, I realized it was Gaadi Scenes!! It had been over 6 weeks since I had any ride on a gaadi so I was plenty excited and thrilled despite the initial trepidation that I would feel like a fish out of water. Nevertheless, we made our way to Gopalagowda extension and then headed towards Gajanur Dam.

Blue skies and glimmering waters.

Nammu ma'am being an awesome rider made the journey exciting by making me try a few stunts. The best feeling is of the wind rushing against your face, the scenic beauty whizzing by, the sheer speed of the vehicle leaving you teary-eyed, a beautifully empty road that never seems to end and company that you enjoy! We reached there in no time and the view was beautiful. Although we weren't allowed to go much further, the calm and placid waters was a treat to the eyes. After this we continued further on a road that was mostly deserted and offered a beautiful view of the reservoir.. After Sakrebailuru and View point we made our way back to the city and I finally got my hands on the gaadi (It wasn't hard at all, despite the difference in CC with respect to my Scooty Pep+)
Happiness lies in venturing out to explore. :)

After some customary hogging at Cafe Chillax (for the second time in a week) and samosas it was time to head back to college. The skies had darkened, the stars were twinkling and Shimoga traffic is known for it's waywardness, but we rode back to college anyway. I was so glad that I could do it without any hitch! There's a small stretch on NH17 just before the college which has a bend and overlooks the Purle Lake (which is now filled with overgrown and untamed weeds) which has no street lights. Speeding through this stretch in the darkness with the lights of "Subbaiah Palace" glimmering in the distance is a moment to be cherished. :D

Anu, Nammu ma'am and Me :)

The happiest bit is that I sent the pictures to MaPa and (surprisingly, shockingly, astonishingly, thankfully) they did not reprimand me but were quite happy that I had a good time and a safe journey.

Shades are the hottest thing that happened to Mankind. :P
Spontaneity is the best possible phenomenon. Always make room for the unknown, always embrace that which is unexpected because good things are very often surprise packages! 

All thanks to Nammu ma'am, the roomie who turned around a sleepy Saturday into someting so memorable. :D 
Adios, folks. :)