Sunday, December 7, 2014

El Oh El

Hello there! Salaam Walekum! Ellarigu Namaskara!

Feeling hyper at midnight is certainly not a good sign. It implies I'm going to get up ultra late tomorrow morning and remain in a drowsy stupor for half the day. 

In Bangalore for the weekend. 5th was Ma's B'day and we had a nice time with a few surprises. :) 
MaPaDi :)
I've been bitten by the "Nostalgia Bug", if such a thing exists. Here's a sneak peek into the past. Basically, I was on Facebook since 2009. And in 2012, that account got deleted. (I had the habit of "deleting the account" and then logging back within 2 weeks so that it wouldn't actually get deleted. But then, I forgot all about it once and thus a new account was created. But luckily I had saved a copy of everything around that time so here's how things were back in Circa 2009-12

Short Hair Scenes. School day at
NIMHANS Convention Centre

Me, Lol. This was at the Case Study at NDRI

 Graduation Day. Those days were fun! :")

I had short hair once upon a time. The time when
I decided to cut my own hair. On MLK's B'day. -_-
Sleepover at Syko's, Dholarpur, Science Model Making
3G Connectivity, No prizes, Just a lot of fun. :)
My very first phone. Samsung Corby. Lost it when we shifted
our house for the renovation.

The things I posted on Facebook back then! I'm have glad that the old account doesn't exist anymore. So we had this huge discussion over the possibility of this setup. KK was a Facebook Spamming Friend. :P No Wonder
I got less in HCG. I spent 5 minutes spamming walls everyday. Even during Boards. -_-
Guddi. :D
The Deeksha Days. This was during the one trip we had
during our two years in Deeksha. Striped, smileys and Ponies.

Friends since 2011. Friendships that will last a lifetime. :)

MyTeaHouse hangout with X A2 peeps. Ba, Punyakoti and I
literally jumped out of the Deeksha bus and ran towards MyTeaHouse
in our uniforms because we were so excited. :P
Ambli Resort on the way to Mysore during October 2011.
Fun times with the Family. :)
 Sensible posts will make their foray in Shimoga. :)

I've been feeling extremely accomplished lately. Very soon, it will be 5 whole years since I started this blog. I feel the need to commemorate the occasion. Although, I agree that mere ranting about the flaws in my persona, the mundane reality of my life on a public platform does make me accomplished by any definition of the term. Yet, it's something, I'm happy about, something I consider as my achievement.

Anyway, Adios reader. :)