Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Back To December #2

Is this the post where I go on about how this year has been phenomenal, how this year has been a roller coaster ride, how there have been ups and downs, how I've learnt new things, made new friends, had new experiences and evolved as a person? No. Because that would be too cliche' and I wouldn't want to bore you with details of every mundane event in my life, especially after blogging about it extensively.

Basically, I crib about how nothing ever works out the way I want it but eventually I realize that it's in fact a blessing in disguise. Deemed to be Desired by the Deserving.

Currently on a mission to fall in love- (Watched PK recently. {Oh, I like that song! "I want to waste my time"}) -With Robbins (I don't like the way you think, idiots.) [Icabo has sufficiently inspired and instructed me to read Robbins] and slowly I'm beginning to agree with her; he (Robbins) has a subtle humour and you can't help but start liking the book.](Confession: Tissue repair didn't seem as fascinating as it should have due to deprivation of caffeine.)

Recently remembered the existence of a subject by name Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. Hence, need to attend to this too apart from Pharmacology {a name game with 100000000001 drug names that seem so simple and clear but 3 units later Amilodarone (anti-arrhythmic drug) and Amiloride (K+ sparing diuretic) sound too similar for your comfort, Metolazone (thiazide like diuretic) and Chlormezanone (skeletal muscle relaxant) make you wonder if you actually know what's going on} and Microbiology {where we're reading up about several cute bacteria [Cute but Killer. Clostridium tetani is this seemingly innocent looking bacilli that can cause deadly gas gangrene, food poisoning, enteric collitis and something else I can't remember right now.] since they're done with Immunology}

I've never truly appreciated the beauty and potential of Sanskrit. I regularly listen to a few prayers that I find effective in instilling me with confidence but recently chanced upon a few more tracks that made me feel that there is some power released, some cosmic energy that is generated that soothes my nerves, calms my frayed brains and tries to direct me towards a state of equilibrium. 

The hum of Sanskrit shabdas (Ramah Ramau Ramaaha....) seemed like a monotonous drone in the beginning of Sanskrit class in high school. But when I decided to entertain Divya (who was then about 3-4 months old) with the same chant, it transformed into a lilting lullaby and brought about a serenity in minutes in an otherwise bawling baby (conditions apply: not always!)

Do I see Gimpi in Icabo or Icabo in Gimpi? 

Hasta La Vista. :)