Friday, December 26, 2014

Price To Pay.

Life works differently for different people. Everybody has their own equations in life. Everybody has different rules by which they lead their lives. To each person, to get to their destination, they must chalk out their own path.

Sometimes, Life decides to play with you. Sometimes, Life decides to test your endurance. Life decides to put you through the obstacles that once made you stumble and fall just to see if you can rise up again, just to see if you can handle it, just to see if it can break down your dreams, goals and ambitions.

Each time you go into battle thinking that this will be the last time, telling yourself that there will only be good times ahead after this, convincing yourself that a wonderful life lies ahead but you are utterly mistaken.

Some things will always be a part of my life, I might as well get used to it. I guess I should never ever fall into the false sense of security that life will be okay. It only makes life harder to bear when bad times rear its ugly head at you.

Perhaps I am at fault for believing that things are okay, perhaps there is a price to pay for having fun, having a good time and for daring to dream about good times.

They say that there is a rainbow at the end of rain but I've realized that in my life, there can only be phases of balmy sunshine in between the persistent storm.

What hurts is the fact that you'll have to go into battle alone. What hurts is the fact that your intentions are doubted, your integrity is questioned and nothing you say will ever make sense.

Here's praying for better times ahead. The last thing I can handle is the horrors of the past resurfacing.