Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Living in Synergism.

Why is it that I have innumerable blog-worthy things buzzing around in my head half the time but they all dissipate when I actually sit down and go about it? -_-

There is SO Much going on that I feel comfortably numb regarding most of the things. It's like I don't get to dwell on anything for too long, even if I want to because there's something else equally important that comes to the forefront. Maybe this IS a good thing, but I'm used to lot more introspection than I'm getting to do at the moment.

There are times when you decide set aside everything you feel, bottle them up and fling it away into a Black Hole. It may hurt, it may seem irrational, but at the end of the day it'll make you a stronger person. It isn't the easiest thing; to let go of the things you cling on to, of the things you covet, of the hopes that lie buried deep within you (be it any seemingly unconquerable ambition to any trivial matter) but when you do; your burden gets tremendously lighter. Maybe, it all happens for a reason, maybe as Vaibhav Sir eloquently phrased it, "There is a method in the madness." At the end of the day, it's all about how much importance I decide to give to anything in my life. Of course, it's all easier said than done. Practically speaking, compartmentalizing my thoughts isn't child's play. I ponder, I think, I overthink and yet there seems to be no finality, no answer to the questions.

Like I've mentioned before (although in an entirely different context), it's amazing how malleable our minds are. We (or maybe it's just me) change our perception of people continually and after a while, you realize you have nothing in common anymore. You try to wriggle out of the den you've created around yourself but that isn't easy either. I guess I'm constantly evolving (hopefully for the better) and in each stage, there are different people who will walk in and walk out. Some have remained through several stages, some shall remain forever. The hard part is when you realize they no longer play a part in your life anymore. (An inappropriate example would be the snake shedding its skin at regular intervals) to metamorphose into something new.

At the end of the day, the "I told you so" feeling has been growing stronger than ever. What seemed like a harsh proclamation many months ago now seems like the inevitable truth. Some truths are meant to be bitter, some lessons are learnt the hard way and some mistakes can't be undone. But then again, we are defined by our positives as well as our negatives, our good and bad, our triumphs and mistakes constitute who we are, it makes us what we are...

Non Competitive Equilibrium in Pharmacology is a term applicable for the drugs administered into the system. When the agonist (high affinity towards receptor, high efficacy) and the antagonist (high affinity, zero efficacy), which are similar, act together on the same receptor, it decreases the potency of the drug (DRC shifts to the right) but the efficacy remains unchanged... (or something like that, I'm sleepy) Maybe that's how I wish to be.. Through good and bad.. my response shouldn't oscillate to extremes. I wish to attain that state of balance and constancy in my life and remain efficacious in my efforts irrespective of any other factors.

Moving on from such deep (and dumb) reflections, Microbiology is a a germy affair, Pathology is progressing in snail's pace (Casseous Necrosis is seen in the Lung. But did you know that Casseous comes from the Casein which is the protein in milk which is denatured to Paneer which is known as Cottage Cheese. So that explains why it's known as Cheesy necrosis. Pharmacology discussion classes have necessitated regular reading to prevent flop shows but the graph of Portion Covered Vs.Time Taken to cover it is quickly becoming a Linear graph compared to the initial stages of Hyperbola.

When I'm not dozing with my eyes open during any sleep inducing class, I'm forever searching beautiful quotes on Instagram.