Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Presidency Quiz

More later.. But for the moment,
I went for a quiz at St.John's Auditorium by The Presidency Group and conducted by Pickbrain with 19 boys... Lol much? This is just the beginning... Shanta's a woman. Forgetting the genders for a second (Whaaaaat?) the quiz was good. MLK prepared at least. And I spent entire evening preparing yesterday. Oh I came back early nenne becoz well, I wasn't well enough. So then I had loads of fun today though I think I was rather quiet. Things went better than I had expected.
I saw:
Ashwini Nachappa (Shetty got her autograph)!
Giri Balasubramanium!

And of course I saw Athith and Shubham. I prayed for their failure. but Ahhh, They got the rolling trophy for the 3rd time.......

And why Exactly is Anyone interested in the color of the rubberband of my ponies which happen to be pink and blue irrespectively??????? Point to Ponder.

And now for Sanskrit. And Chemistry. And EVE case Study. And well, my routine......