Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's the Capital of...... Who invented....... Connect Wimbledon Centre court and Rudyard Kipling...... Hold ON.

Because this is getting seriously dangerous. And we need to win this cup. So that's the only thing on my mind at the moment.But it so happens that my brain is attracting tidbits of other unwanted information also. I hat all this politics. Honestly, I don't care a damn about who is all over whom. And another thing is the fact that one should back up one's friends even when they do something wrong. That's true friendship. Or else they're just acquaintances. Ans what's going on is simply pathetic. People have so many different faces and I can see them being exposed now. Chuck that, Mom, Dad , Dee and Aj went to S.Gam for Puja.Me at Vasanthnagar , Ate @ Mint Masala, Watched George of the Jungle, and well....... People developed a totally diff opinion of me.Lol.
 And there's this Group Discussion where we are being spoon fed tot he point of throwing up in disgust and lack of freedom. And the Questions are being censored as well.What rot.
There's a great demand for the quiz book I git with Duckie's Lib Card and I gave it to Vikas. So then, I hope to show that this time Green will make a comeback. But I Know tis gonna tough.

Then what else? I've developed the sttrnage urge to watch Peepli [Live] and Aisha. No good Reason to though. And next 3 days no lessons at school. :) So then got our Mid term Timetable. Can look into it only after quiz. GD is going to be a show of the Pampered Prized Pooches. Whateva.

Buh-Bai then.