Saturday, April 16, 2011

FareWell Trance

Is it the Beginning or the End of a glorious chapter in our lives? Ironically it is both. It has been a decade of “Honesty Humility and Humanity” and life outside Carmel, our Second Home is indeed hard to imagine.

Carmel has been a wonderful platform to learn and grow and has encouraged every child to excel. Be it Art, Music, Sports, Literary Activities or Quizzing, Carmel has always provided opportunities for all students.

Our 10 standard began in the month of February 2010 and to this day it has been an exhilarating journey through Shakespeare, Sulphuric Acid, Theorems, World Wars, Levers and Loops taught by the very best of teachers. They went beyond their duty to satisfy the most persistent student and did their best to make the classes interesting and lively.

Talents Day brought the class together on the pretext of the various competitions. Yes, there were squabbles and silly quarrels, But on the whole we learnt to organize and put up a performance without any help. Every single 10 A2 student showed solidarity and cheered the performers. When anybody won a prize, we celebrated it as a collective victory since everybody had contributed in some way or the other, be it dance or quiz or Singing.

The Special Assembly was another event that required organizing and coordination. We networked to avoid any glitches on stage and took all steps to give a splendid performance. All of us participated in this and united the class for a common cause. 

One event which none of the 10 A2 students will forget is Horlicks Whiz kids. Majority of the class participated in this 3 day extravaganza for which every 10 standard student anxiously waits. We cheered for the school, for our friends on stage and for the fun of it! This event left memories that will last a lifetime. 

Tests and Examinations kept us on our toes and did not allow us to relax. We stood by each other during these times and there was a healthy competition in the class .There was Interschool competitions where we participated, had a great time, saw the best of our peers and even won a few prizes. The School Day and Sports Day were the last of the extracurricular events. Here too we participated in large numbers, put our best foot forward and learnt a lot from the experience. 

It hasn’t been a smooth sailing though. All of us had to fight our battles, adjust to a variety of opinions and accept criticism. On several occasions the unity of the class was threatened, yet we remained loyal to the tag “X A2” and worked in unison. All this in the midst of projects, records, occasional unit tests and of course, our regular studies!

Words fail to describe the lively Lunch Breaks of 10A2! Be it dumb charades or silly chatter, this was the most (awaited/) cherished part of the day.40 minutes of games in a week was insufficient, yet we have had great times in this very ground.  10 A2 had several talents in the Science, music, sports quiz among many others and they have brought innumerable laurels to the school. 

We were extremely fortunate to have excellent teachers who made learning an enjoyable process. We will always be grateful to them for all the help and support they have given us.

With a heavy heart, we shall leave the cocooned environs of Carmel to face bigger challenges and achieve our goals in life, yet Carmel will always be a part of our lives. Time and distance may play spoilsport, but nothing can separate us. A decade in this institution has instilled values and principles which we intend to follow throughout our lives. The playground, Canteen, corridors and classrooms have been an integral part of our school life, not to mention the Science lab, Computer lab and the library. Every day in Carmel has taught us something new, something to remember for life. We hope to strive hard and achieve our goals and ultimately make our alma mater proud. We hope to put a smile on the face of all the teachers who have toiled endlessly for us.