Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maybe It's True....

I don't know the song. I just love this line:
Maybe It's True,
I can't live without you.. 
Deeksha  starts on Friday. Today Is Tuesday. I'm confused...

I'm seeing way too many movies. And I think I'll stop.
  • Break Ke Baad
  • Anjaana Anjaani
  • Aisha (I could write a thesis on this.)
  • New Moon
  • Aptha Mithra
  • Titanic
  • Robot
I'm not feeling particularly well right now. Damn this weather. And the 1000 piece jigsaw is just TOO difficult.
I don't know what to expect on Friday. Yes, I'm nervous. I hope I remember how to make friends. (Ah! It sounds rather frightening.)
This is the end of the transition phase I guess. I mean from the 10th standard to College. A transition. New friends. New place. It's a fresh beginning. But is this what I wanted?I'll need time to answer that. Periodically, I fluctuate between yes and no. Maybe It's all for the best.
I doubt I'm good at, you know, keeping in touch with friends. (Except Pinki). Archana, Navyashree, Road Rachana, Binitha, Tanvi- These are fine examples. Add Hemalatha. So What's gonna happen? Ideally, I'm expected to "Concentrate On Bigger Things". Um. Ok.
I'll wait and see. But, You know, I can't force myself to do this.

Pinki: I'd like to say something. If everybody gave each other ultimatums at the drop of a hat, What a world this would be? O.o

I'm now realizing how inactive, inert, lazy and useless my brain has become. It was a BIT better. Just a Bit, I assure You.. 

How will the next two years be?
Nearly everybody's been saying  one word: INTENSIVE.
Ok. That Means I become a sporadic blogger.(Like Before?) 

Change- This word means so much. Adaptation to different circumstances. I know I've said this before, but, I's really Important. I hope the next 2 years will not test my perspicacity. In case it does, I have a Plan B. I know what To do. But will That work Out? I'm pretty excited about that too. 
Somewhere in the middle of all this I'm wondering,Is This what I really want and aspire? Again, should I change my goals to suit others? So that it's convenient for others? Huh.

I get the feeling these days, that I'm turning out to be rather run-of-the-mill. That's not what I want. There's the need to constantly reinvent and be creative. Not stagnate. (Maybe I'm like a lake now.Stagnated.Yuk.) Anyway I'm sick of It....

And ordinary 16-year old. No More?


I miss quizzing.
I miss games! (The other day I played with Dad. I realized how much I've missed!)
I miss Stardoll. (Screw Callie and her staff. I didn't know they'd do this if you don't login often. Oh well. I'm expected to Grow Up.)
I miss School. (I needn't worry. I'm going to Deeksha After all)

I rather nervous about results. (That's an Understatement. Total Understatement.)

I don't need to be told how vague this is or isn't. I'm contented that I've blogged.