Saturday, April 16, 2011

Delhi Day 1

Day 1

              Dad, Mom, Lokesh and I left home quite early and we reached the airport after an hour or so. Ma wasn’t allowed beyond a point so we said our goodbyes and got through the first check point. Soon we meet Vidha3, her cousin and his wife. Vidhathri will henceforth be referred to as v3. so v3 and I roamed a bit in the airport. All of us ate Masala Dosa and then boarded the flight. We were flying IndiGo economy and the food was average. I read New Moon while v3 took photos. Somehow time passed and we landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport around 3 PM. Dad had booked an Innova for our travels  ( That was really sweet of papa). V3 and I were gushing at how green Delhi is and were manically clicking pics and before we knew it, we were at Shunti Hotel!

Soon we were inside the 312. I was clean and had all necessities. V3 and I were very happy! An entire room all to ourselves! We jumped on the beds and switched on the TV and sat like lazy ladkis for a while.Then refreshed and went to Rajghat. Rajghat is a vast area filled with trees shrubs and flowers. Green Landscape all around. It was a feast for our eyes (and Cameras). Sunset here was spectacular and so were the clean green lawns. W e saw MG Memorial, RG and IG Memorial and then went to Birla Mandir (Also known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple). This was the first place where cameras were prohibited. It was around 7PM in the evening. This was a typical North Indian temple built with marble. The idols were beautiful and so were the chandeliers. We spent quite some time inside the temple premises enjoying the calm atmosphere. Vidha3 had forgotten her Camera battery charger so we hunted for one and finally found one. After this we were in Raisina Hill. Rings A Bell? Yes, Prathibha Patil had expressed a desire to meet me and I obliged to meet her at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. No Lol, We just took pictures of the impressive building. And then we went to India Gate. It looked simply stunning with the bright lighting. Apparently, on each brick of this structure, the names of men and women who fought for India’s freedom is engraved. And we also saw  Amar Jawan Jyothi. After this, we went back to Ginger, gobbled something sleepily and slept peacefully…..

View From the Plane! :)

Rajghat Sunset

Birla Mandir

India Gate