Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Alive. Or Am I?

What Am I up to these days?
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Playing with Divya (I will no longer use the term "Babysitting")
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Texting
And that's about it. My social calender is rather full these days. (Earlier it was non-existant)

I'd gone to Lalbagh with Akshata, Anusha, Ananya and Vidhathri on Wednesday. 5 Girls.12 came to Garuda. Do I care? Maybe Not. 
In case You were looking for a travelogue, Let Me tell you, I am VERY lazy to keep an account of my travels, This time was better.I dirtily jotted down points. Point is I can't find it at the moment.Hence, no detailed account about the trip.
But yes, there are a few things I would like to share with my readers (IF ANY).

These travels made me realize how huge India is. So how huge the world is!
Yet despite the geographical distance, there are ties that bring as all together.
  • Cricket
  • Good Food
  • Bollywood
  • Politics, Maybe?
So many people we saw, spoke to, met and all of them have made an impact on me. Indelible Impact. I firmly believe that the world is good and people are good. These travels have only strengthened my beliefs.
All the places I have seen were beautiful.They were all unique. Be it Delhi, Agra, Shimla Or Tattapani. These memories will never fade.

It would be criminal on my part to talk about my travels without mentioning Papa or Vidhathri. 
Papa was Great! He had a great Time. I know he needed a break THE MOST. I am so happy that he was happy! 

Vidhathri! What Can I say? I can say a LOT! But to keep it short and sweet (for now), I'll say that she brightened up the journey and I realized that there is NO other better travel companion than Her!!! :) :D

A special mention: Rafting was truly Amazing!


I've joined Deeksha even before I've got my results (they're giving me the "Heebie-Jeebies"!).I think I am Happy.I am nervous to think about the future. It isn't actually "Future", 29th April, Deeksha starts. I shouldn't panic.More Important: I shouldn't panic others!
Now I'm Bangalore. Went to Vidhathri's house one day with Anusha. Anu grumbled till the end.But I think she enjoyed. Anyway I liked it. Then 5 girls (including yours truly) went to Lalbagh. I would'nt like to wast my time talking about those how didn't/could'nt  come. 

We Had FUN! It was a lazy lovely day. Gossiped like granmas and got wet like little kids. Yeah, That's Us! :) 
It was a small group.Roamed around in the botanical gardens, climbed trees and clicked fewer pics. Lazily went to Maiyya's. Ate North Indian at the 5th floor. Food was Good.
Bill: Rs.930/- :P
 Then went down to the ground floor, ate ice creams, truffles and went back home.  

Next day I met my "Alter Ego"? PRINKLES!!!!!
It was after a really long time! I foolishly carried lesser cash than I would need which lead to a hilarious consequence in the end.We roamed around in Banashankari. All the 4 parks I know were conveniently closed, so we went and sat in the CCD. I sent my recent recipients a msg about my present location.This resulted in us meeting Vijay.Yes, Twas nice (?).Then his entire gang turned up.I politely turned down his request to join them and Prinkles and I sat and chatted! Went to Pizza Hut and gobbled like gluttons.
Bill: Rs.288.00/-
Money we have: Rs.287.00/- (After shelling out each and every coin and note in our purses)
I know! This sort of thing happens with Pinki only. (It's good it's that way)
I had a great day yesterday and I did not fall ill as I had feared. Pinki Is One Lovely Gal! I hope I'll never lose her invaluable friendship. (I hope she won't read this.Cause, she's gonna become a pricey bingo then! :P)

Akshata has given me several books
  • Tagore's Short Stories
  • 3 Men In a Boat
  • Only time will tell
  • Guide
  • Success Digest
  • Reader's Digest Condensed
  • Beasts in my belfry
So I'm Very Excited about reading them! I also read New Moon in Delhi. I think it's nice.

Maybe I'm texting a bit too much these days. Then when else can I? And texting has resulted in few complications.It has also raised a few questions which I have been trying to evade. I must listen to Pinki.I can't feel frightened and sit. I can't sit and please people. 

Anusha Bhushan, Akshata G, Pinki, I  must thank you. I am still confused. Yet, I am sure these hazy hazy clouds will disappear and then there's gonna be Sunshine! 

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Cya! :)