Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Miss My Grandpa.

All that he needed was peace and harmony in his twilight years. After years of drudgery and working for his children, all he asked for was beyond material wealth. He desired nothing more than good company, love and affection from his children.

For years, he had worked to bring up his four children. He started as a mere assistant in the bank, but worked his way up the corporate ladder. And he retired as the General Manager in SBM. 

His daily routine was one that would impress any youngster. He rose early and set out on a walk all the way to Vidhan Soudha. It was a pattern that he followed for more than a decade. He met the same people at the same time everyday. He sat at the same bench overlooking the Red-stone library and meditated for exactly fifteen minutes. He jogged a set distance everyday, exercised with vigour and returned home at a slower pace. All this despite age and poor vision that threatened to encumber his zest for life.

With equal exactness and precision he performed the duties in the house. Soon after his bath, the chants of Hindu Prayers would echo across the house while he offered home grown hibiscus flowers to the Lord. After cooking, he sat down for breakfast with the newspaper which he scanned from end to end...

The rest of the day would be spent over bank work, some television, shopping and talking to his daughters. His ambition was to witness the weddings of his granddaughters, to live long and to see his brood happy.

But there came a time, when his own children fought over the money and property he had struggled to earn. A time when he was hounded and harangued by his kith and kin. When the harsh words cut through him, sharper than a knife, more poisonous than venom. When he lost all reasons to live. When the stress manifested itself in the form of health issues. When one day, his weary heart could take it no longer and called it a day.

At last, he was in peace.

(Its true. I cry)