Saturday, June 16, 2012

Its Been A While

Its been really long. Since I used a laptop. Lenovo is not bad, but Acer will always be my fav.
Dear Life,
I know you're unfair. I know its pointless to expect that. But is there really a silver lining?
I'm SUFFERING from writer's block and believe me, it Sucks.

I've been reading up on UniMUNQ (Unicef, MUN and Qatar) and its all So interesting! :)
College is fun these days. Qatar gave more opportunity for some comic relief.
But I've been ill-tempered for the last two days. Its irritating when you know it and yet you're still a grouchy git.

Elite classes going on. Class seemed different for the first few days. Now, we've just gotten used to who we really are.

I'm filled with apprehension, guilt and also sadness.
It's hard to cope.
I wish I could rant.
The thing that haunts my life.
That hasn't skipped a single generation.
Something I want to change.
Something that may take away the most precious things of my life.
The people I love.
That has changed the people I loved into people I don't recognize.
That has irrevocably changed me.
That threatens to loom over the sunny landscape of my life. (it already has.)
That has no permanent solution.
I've just got to live with it?
I can't.
I need to change things.
Can I?
Can I face the consequences?
What's the priority?
Pursuit of Happiness.
Its within myself.

You don't need an axe to cut a tree. In one corner of the world, they curse the tree until it withers to its death.
Similarly you don't need to physically kill someone. Sharp words can be slow death. I'm watching one.
Honestly, how long can Any Individual endure? What's left within you then? You've nothing to live for.
I need a miracle.
Or maybe I need to do some Math.