Monday, November 26, 2012

Bob Marley was Rastafarian.

In my city! Who thought PC could sing? Love it :-)
I can't decide which is my current fav. Jee le zara or Jiya Re.
Omg, i love the lyrics of jlz. I just saw it. With ,meaning obviously, how would i understand otherwise?
And.. I loved the What Katy did series by Susan Coolidge! *quaint classics*
And like I was telling Anjali, I believe in such a world.
True, we're past that era but that doesn't stop me from wishful thinking.
But really, there is something captivating about such books. I mean about Clover and Geoff, Jo and Bhaer, Laurie and Amy, Katy and Ned... :-)
Pollyanna was good until the 'glad game' got on my nerves!

Ok so now for pressing matters.
Maths, I'd done a lot of integration so that part went smoothly. Even the complex number part. What doesn't penetrate into my dura mater is Determinants.
After these exams, I'll do them again. :-\ The current term exam could have been better.
Both term exam and NEET.
Bio day after.
I'll go study.

I like my new friends. Harini from Harihar, Mansa from Delhi, Sandhya and all the others. Khana is good. My Hindi is improving. ;-)
Aaj maine roti, aalo curry aur rice (what's rice in Hindi?!) kaya. Grey's Anatomy ko dekkhe bahut sara din ho gaya hai.
I'll stop right here.
So yeah, people are mostly good. ;-)
Only it's a little odd to hear nearly every girl go on about 'her guy'. Aargh.
And they wouldn't believe me when I said I'm not in the club. Lol.

Neways, as usual I'm going ballistic over the fact that people are reading my blog. When they do, i moan and groan And when they don't i lament about that as well.
I don't mind people reading it, as long as they dont... ok i don't know... i don't mind them reading it. That's all.
Jazba- Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl
Diamonds by Rihanna. Tch Tch.

The one that got away. Katy Perry. ♥