Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mimosa Pudica

How apt. I thought of the name first and then it hit me why.
So I might go out of station. Term exam HELLO?
I've had a painful day. To say the least.
And the urge to swear is overwhelming.
I have/ had Several close friends.
When they're really close to me, I'm there for them.
I do the best i can to help them.
And they don't know the trouble i took just for them.
And to the same people who don't want to even keep in contact:

I talk. No its wrong.
I don't talk. No something's wrong.
Let me be.

I need music. No wait. It's a distraction. I should be doing diffraction.

Damn this freaking mess. It's shocking how people lie SO BLOODY BLATANTLY.
So I'm learning lessons that will stand in good stead? Why didn't you learn them at my age?
You were studying right?

No point continuing this.