Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garuda Girls.

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25th March 2011

It started out well after a little confusion about the MoT (mode of transportation). Dad was dropping rachana and me to Jayanagar. At the bus stand I aw Sumana walking with some other girl.She looked good too.Slowly, It hit us.It was Neha! She'd got a haircut the previous day.The change was Remarkable!

Soon Akshata arrived and after a short chat we decided to breakfast at Dosa camp (It has a new name.I don't remember, Ganesh darshan huh?) I wasn't hungry so after some of us had some food we walked back to the bus stand. Now finding the right bus was quite a confusion and after much ado and a strawberry Milk shake we got into a bus. 
I was busy eavesdropping in the bus while Ananya was hovering around.Soon,we reached M.G.Road and walked a bit.After following a traffic policeman's instruction that "The Garuda" is the first building, we reached our Destination!

We first entered Westside and believe me, It looks really awkward when 12 girls troop into a store without the least inclination to buy anything (And that expression written on all 12 faces). I BADLY wanted to execute my plan but not at the cost of my sanity. So I sadly moved on.Shopper's Stop had good dresses and after that twas CrossWord!

I knew I wanted to buy something.And I wanted to buy good ones.So I didn't bother about anybody and was lost in a trance finding the right book. After a lot of mulling over and pondering over the cost, I purchased "Time Stops At Shamli and Other Sories" - Ruskin Bond and "Gently Falls The Bakula"-Sudha Murty.( Incidentally, I've finished reading both!)
Of Course, we got dirty looks from the dirty woman there for un-sophisticated behavior.

Then It was time for Khana! Rach and I ate at Beijing Bites and had a pretty good meal. The rest mostly ate North Indian (Veg By Nature) and Pizza. Soon after, i splurged on a Hot Chocolate Fudge (Yum!). Oh and we had a real good photo session as well. (I finally got a good pic with Mani)

After this was the (un)Scary House. Just as we (Dhruti didn't come) were about to enter, a man (and presumably his wife) came out looking rather terrified and said "Don't go! Don't go!". i was a bit nervous. The last time I had gone was with dad so i was braver.With friends, I didn't know what to expect.Also I was leading (With rach..)

We entered and a loud sound objected our entry.Immediately the air was filled with hysterical screams. Suddenly I heard Aks say," I lost my slipper!" .Poor girl ahd to walk there  without it. Rach and I kept a constant chatter filled with inane rubbish like "Hee hee Hee hee Hee", " Calm Down! It's just a joke!". Yeah, Skulls, Corpses and other such rubbish punctuated by unearthly wails or cackles. Somehow we got through and reached the end.At this point, Apparently, a body rose and this frightened those behind me to push frantically resulting in me stumbling out of the depressing building. My right leg ached a lil but soon it was fine. It was Nothing great.I wish Dee had come. Maybe it was a lil fun, after all.Nothing great but.

Next was The Mirror Maze and this was not bad. We took longer here.A bunch of younger girls screamed about for everything and this rather spoilt the  experience. The stretch after this was really pretty.We walked out casually much to the surprise of the onlookers.(Neha wanted to capture my horrified expression but that never existed. 

Amoeba was awesome! We enjoyed with the hammer game and got snickers from our winnings. It was a laugh riot and an exhilarating experience.

Soon, it was time to go.We got out of the mall and clicked pictures again. Again we were confused how to go back. After what seemed like several hours we began walking.I suddenly began to see several Herbalife Advertisments.I looked around and saw the office.I saw and i10.I saw Ma! I called her.
She:Where are you?
Me:I'm behind you.
She (Looks Around): Oh!!!!

After this we proceeded to the bus stand got into one and got down at Jayadeva.I was tired and my feet were aching. After another bus ride we reached Jayanagar.Had a Slice and said Bai and each went their way.

Rach and I walked to her Dad's office. We sat and texted each other and I additionally killed mosquitos.Drizzled a bit. Spoke a little bit.Texted a little bit more.
Met dad on the way and got dropped home.Sat at home and read 3 things. Nearly Cried.