Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Limbo.

I just Finished My Board Exam. 
I couldn't Be Happier.

Now for some Serious Blogging.
Since when Haven't I blogged Soulfully?
I'll Say December.

December 2010
Was Eventful. *Scratches Head to Remember what Happened*
Before That Of Course, We Had School day. And that was nice (not the programmes, YUCK!). And How Did We Go? Some Of  us car, rest I forgot. We Had fun. Vidhathri was our in-house photographer. Food was good. My whims and fancies were not satisfied. So I went home hungry. 

(Note to self : Stop Giving SO much importance to casing! )

Moving On, December I was busy with Babysitting and Studying. It was an emo-taxing month. I aced it. And Yes! I saw a real Live Fire! 
31st Dec 2010
Divya And Me playing in the room when I here a loud Sound. We ignore it. I see smoke wafting through the open front door and think "OK, That's Odd.". Then the rest of the family noticed this. Mama went down to see what was wrong and immediately rushed up saying that there was a fire. Panic. Excitement (Me: Duh!). Tension. Fear. You get it. So then, Mama and rushed down with Divya in my arms. (That kiddo was lovin' the excitement!) Then we screamed for Atthe to rush down in whatever she was wearing.As we rushed down,  thick black smoke was emanating from the switch board. After everybody was safe downstairs, they poured water  and the fire was extinguished easily. (Later we got to know that the neighbors had a fire extinguisher.For What Joy?)
After that began the arduous process of changing the wiring in the entire house. And that was december. 

January 2011
2nd Preparatory began and sadly I had an exam on my birthday. Nothin Much, except that we went our for dinner. (Probably the Lamest birthday Ever.) And not many people even remembered. 25th Jan wasn't a day I would like to remember. And my foolish dreams never came true. :( Did I cry that day? Maybe. I had Computer Exam. 'Twas a sad way to welcome 17.
A few days after this we shifted again. And I'm happy here.(So-so) 
After 2nd preparatory there wasn't much. Except that we had holidays to prepare for Boards.

February 2011
  • Fantasizing about holidays.
  • Wondering what to blog.
  • Studying.
Graduation was nice. And I loved the Van trip back to school. I won't forget that. Slowly, somewhere the sinking feeling that "we're going to separate" began. I didn't cry. I sat on a duck. I loved the day. I wish it had never ended.

Last day of school was another hilarious outing. Oh Yes, Pooja was going on....

I'll blog later. must Babysit and cook and become a domestic Idiot. 

11:49 PM

I'm back. And I neither cooked or cleaned. :P Went and sat in M.N. Krishna Rao Park and observed birds (both varieties) and played with Guddi.

Also I forgot that December was a great month for one thing.
I really enjoyed my time with Divya (Although I moaned and groaned about it!) I still remember the night when I found the whole set up hard to bear and I had Anusha to give me a few comforting words. (I had complained that i had got only 6 hours of Sleep... Now, that seems so much!)
January was not that Bad as i made it out to be either. I mean I had Fishes (Yeah we got an aquarium) and Books for company.
Latest Books Read:

  1. Jo's Boys :Louisa May Alcott
  2. Rusty: Ruskin Bond
  3. All Roads Lead to Ganga: Ruskin Bond
  4. Another Ruskin Bond Book
  5. Penny from Heaven
  6. 1 night @ a Call centre
  7. 3 mistakes of my life
  8. 5 point someone
  9. Oh Baby! (Again!)
  10. That Book by Kamala Markandeya (forgot the name, not the story..)
Yes, not bad.But nothing great either.I'm gonna buy books this summer (As Usual)

Grad was great actually. I know I'll look back and miss that day like hell.I guess that happens to everybody.We need to adapt, acclimatize to new situations. Which is why I agree with Chandana Ma'am that I'm perspicacious. True, I was initially hesitant to look it up in the dictionary.I believe I deserve that. That's my strength.Not my weakness.

This whole year has been a great journey.
Here's the speech I wrote for the Farewell that got umm..4 votes? (Duh! I'm unpopular)
But I don't need votes to put anything in my blog. And I loved what I wrote, so here it is:


*Basically my system crashed.
 So the software problem persists.
 Please be patient.

Dad is asking me "What Next?" repetitively. And I'm as clueless as my sister. Oh No.
Back to the same old topic.I must wait until results.yet, that's not possible.Ahh!

I hope tomorrow is going to be Fun! Hmmm.. Garuda girls!
Spamming Karthik Karanth has been fun.
I think I need to do something different this summer.

  1. Volunteer as a social worker (I got dad's green signal)
  2. Sing
  3. Cook
  4. Jog
  5. Reduce facebook time
  6. Blog More
  7. Visit Favorite Website. 
I know, nothing great after the first point. :|

But I'm Oh-So Excited! I'm going to Delhi Folks!
And I had this "Hunt for a Free Ticket" (Where I had to beg everybody to come! :P)
And Vidhathri agreed!!! :D 

north india
taj mahal
India gate
Delhi chaat
A New place!

12:30 AM
I'm not done yet.