Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Bad Blogger Eh?

*It's to late to apologize*

Those who know me, will shake their heads at this, cause they're probably positively tired of my over usage of the word.

Anyway, I've been training and I reached 8k and I know I can do another 10 and hopefully quick enough to get that Blue T. Problem is, I fell ill and all 'Bulla Shitta' happened. But I'm fine now (if you exclude the throbbing pain in my brain that makes me feel maybe all the effort will go down the drain [OK, that's NOT gonna happen])

College is nice these days. With circular squares and Jalaja jokes, and the occasional palak paneer to add some spice (no pun, losers), I'm laughing more than ever. :)

I raised funds for Sahasra Deepika (an NGO working to educate underprivileged children) as a part of my 10k run. I just need to hand it over.

Hmm. So I've been wondering. People are (re)taking the SAT. I know, I know I said I wont take it again. But I have to take the Subject SATs right?

I guess I have some time to think about it. The next SAT is in October, so I can look at my options around August and take a call. :)