Friday, May 4, 2012

Run Maadi Run!

Yep I've been Running like there's no tomorrow! Cuz folks, I'm running the TCS World 10K! Yes, me. The couch potato, bookworm and seemingly indoor person! Its a challenge and I'm training for it. No mean feat, but it makes it all the more thrilling :)
As of yesterday, I've reached 5k. It's on May 27th, so I want to make a gradual and steady increase.

A few days back I was cleaning my room (long overdue) and guess what I found? A Birthday card from My Cousin Brothers!
Well, those who know me well, know that I've rarely mentioned their existence but that's not entirely without reason.
I realized then, that it was a pity that I didn't meet them all that often cause everything about that crooked basket of flowers and a fake Rs.500 note touched me. And apart from Di, nobody else has ever called me 'Akka' or so I thought until I looked inside and found a note addressed to 'Jayashree Akka'.

Another thing that touched me. Or rather, made me guilty. I was walking to my stop around 7 in the morning and at the road end, which is by default considered a garbage dump had an unusual visitor (the usual ones being a hungry cow or a stray dog). It was an old man scavenging for food or anything useful from the dump. His eyes darted around as if expecting to be admonished for his activity. He looked at me with eyes that contained fear and  defiance but his expression betrayed his vulnerability.

There is so much inequality. On one end of the spectrum, people starve without a morsel of food while on the other end, excess food is thrown away without an afterthought.
Where is the value? For money, for everything we have been blessed with?
None. It's always the demand for more. 

I had a sleepover at Priyanka's place! I visited Sanjana1 and I read Hunger Games... :)