Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maybe This Is How It's Meant To Be?

So far, It's been great!
I'm enjoying every bit of it.

Yesterday's Menu:
  • Cornflakes for breakfast at home
  • Chapathi and Beans side-dish for college breakfast
  • Dal fry and rice for Lunch
  • Eggs for Evening snack
  • Apple for Dinner
Today's Menu:
  • Chapathi and Channa Masala for breakfast at home
  • Biscuits for college breakfast
  • I'd made chitranna but it didn't quite match up to Amma's standards, so I had some more chapathi and channa
  • Noodles for Evening snack
  • Pizza for Dinner
And the other things I wouldn't otherwise bother about; I take care of those too. All in all, it's a radical experience, one that I'd be happy to continue.
I'm saying, maybe it's I'm designed to function better this way, independent living makes me more alert and vigilant. Also it makes me more aware, of myself. Why? well because otherwise, my thoughts are always partially diverted towards what's going to happen next? When's the next personal Apocalypse? What effect will my hasty words have on certain people? What consequences do I have to face when I return?

I'm not against company, no, certainly not. I'm just saying to 'live with' I'd rather live alone than anything else. Bu then again, they're family and what I'm saying is probably bizarre.
But there's no denying that I'm enjoying this stint. I can say that without bothering about political correctness.

The blogosphere is too silent for my comfort. All I can hear is the echo of my rambles.
Seeya! :D