Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Did It!!!

There's Nothing Like Success.
Nothing like indulging in something outside your sphere and triumphing.
All you've got to do is believe. Believe that you can do it.

I completed the 10k! :) And in 1.5 hours (as I had expected)

Yeah Me. I couldn't stand below the 'I'm a Finisher' Slogan. Too bad. Nm.

At home, with my medal! and the thing on my T is the 'Running Bib'

I'd like to thank:
Mom and Dad (for believing that I can't do it? Reverse Psychology worked :))
Sanjana (:D)
Raksha (Victory Coin :))
Aneesh (for all the help :))
Pinki (for all the BS :))
Lokesh (How would I make it there?)
Anusha's mom (well, I considered her my competitor!)
And EVERYBODY else who motivated me and also for their contributions for my Fund Raising!

So I'm kinda tired. Fatigue or whatever. Bye