Monday, December 24, 2012

Colorado College! ED II

When I decided to apply to colleges in the US, I had specific requirements in mind. I researched online and interacted with a few well-informed people before I concluded that Colorado College would be the best place for me.
Given my love for the outdoors, Colorado College has the perfect location for me to continue my intellectual expedition. The stately beauty of mountains, the panoramic views from summits and the adrenaline rush of adventure sports has always beckoned to me.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity of whitewater rafting in the Sutlej River, at the foothills of the Himalayas. It was here that I developed a bond with nature. To relive that experience at Colorado is an enchanting prospect I look forward to.
There is no definite route to achieve our goals. I realized this when I went trekking in the hills of South India. Our guide, a trained trekker, apprised us on the modus operandi of trekking and rock climbing. Despite his guidance and assistance from my father, I found the climb steep and unconquerable. The guide even dictated where I should place my foot to balance myself. I stopped for a moment and thought, "Surely,I know how to balance myself! I just have to listen to myself". And then, I began with renewed vigour, and succeeded. I scaled the heights of the hill with ease; all because I know where my footing is. No one knows better than that!
Colorado College is known to offer this freedom to its students where they can find their 'foothold' and excel in their field. This only augments the fact that Colorado College is where I can truly thrive and grow as an individual as well as continue my academic pursuit.

At CC I hope to contribute to the vibrant student life as well as partake in community based programs. I intend to have a symbiotic relationship with CC, akin to that in lichens, where I can contribute to the academic research while deriving intellectual nourishment and a 'home' from the College.

In Molecular Biology, I've learnt that in the genetic code, a single codon specifies only one amino acid; there is no scope for ambiguity. Similarly, I strongly believe that CC is 'the' best college for me and there is no scope for uncertainty and hence applying Early Decision is a natural choice for me.