Monday, December 24, 2012

What makes me 'me'?

From an early age I have been exposed to a variety of opportunities and challenges alike. I have always been encouraged to try my strengths in diverse fields and excel in them; be it academics, sports or extracurricular activities such as music, art and quizzing. This upbringing, coupled with an innate sense of inquisition has imbibed in me the urge to learn more and acquire knowledge.

The knowledge one can assimilate is infinite and the Indian Philosophy of 'Success and failure are part of the eternal cycle, it is the knowledge attained that matters' has inspired me to strive for excellence. With this penchant for knowledge, I forayed into the exciting terrain of quizzing; an activity I have pursued since my elementary school. From fjords in Norway and Moai statues of Easter Island to the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, quizzing has been my window to the world outside. In my high school I was the only girl who participated in quizzes. Although I was initially apprehensive, it soon motivated me to work harder and be the best among my counterparts. Over the years quizzing has helped me transcend personal boundaries and emerge as a confident individual with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Quizzing helped me stay on top of my game in class and made academics an exciting prospect.

Hardwork and determination have helped me achieve my goals despite all odds. I've always been intrigued to experiment and venture into different activities. Be it Harvard Model UN, heading a photography committee or even trekking in the Nilgiris, I've eagerly explored a variety activities and worked hard to give it my best.

Apart from quizzing, music and badminton have also been integral parts of my life. Learning Indian classical music, with all its intricacies and minute variations has taught me to strive for perfection in all that I do. Badminton began as a pastime but soon transformed into a passion. Badminton has instilled the spirit of competitiveness as well as a sense of sportsmanship in me.

The birth of a sibling when I was in high school was initially a mammoth challenge since we all had to alter our lifestyle to accommodate the youngest member of the family. It seemed like waking up after a decade in utopia, for now, life was everything but perfect. Responsibilities, fragile, unpredictable conditions coupled with a bawling baby was one way of looking at it. Thankfully I envisioned an opportunity: An opportunity to grow; as a person and as a student. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. What intrigued me was how the once motionless baby learnt to make sense of the world around her. Over the months, gurgling sounds turned to fairly legitimate words, serendipitous movements turned to well coordinated steps and through an unwavering spirit, she was one among us.

Her birth sparked a desired to delve deeper into the uncharted terrains of neuroscience and this was further ignited by viewing her growth from the standpoint of psychology. To observe her evolve, learn from her mistakes and piece together the jigsaw puzzle called life has been a captivating experience. The brain with its curiously confounding functioning, is the neuroscientist's muse, an elusive enchanting enigma. Psychology helped to explain how the dynamics of our family changed and enlightened me about the power of the mind.

Coming from a society where inequality continues to persist, I hope to bridge the gap between both ends of the spectrum. My experiences have exposed me to poverty and hunger in society as well as wealth and wastefulness. I intend to provide better healthcare as well as provide a solution to neurological disorders. I believe passion comes with a cause. I have a cause; to cure the maladies of the mind, uncover the reasons behind them and make the world a better place for mankind.