Sunday, December 9, 2012

A poem.

She endures in silence.

She serenades with unmatched beauty and grace
Through rocky terrain and rural plains.
To temple towns and swelling cities,
She lends her holy presence.

She hails from the high North;
The snow clad abode is her ancestral home.
From the gentle confines of the mighty peaks
she descends with zest and zeal,
Only to mellow down to a stately cascade.

But alas, her illustrious heritage and purity
are disregarded and she is defiled
by ignorance and mindless Faith.
Once revered as a symbol of divinity,
She now languishes in neglect and depravity.

She grieves in silence at her fall from grace
for the fault of the human race.
Her tears flow unrecognized and her pain is forgotten
as she carries the burden of mankind-
The race which chooses to drown its sins in her,
She plunges into the sea for solace.