Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Mental Papparazzi. JK. Bye Folks.

My dear Ardent fans and followers {Joke.}
I hate to break the news to you. (Overdrive)
But this is it:
I'm going to stay off my favourite haunt for a while.
I can't tell you when I'll be back.

Reporter 1: What prompted this drastic decision?
Me: Common Sense.
Reporter 1: Miss Rao please explain.
Me: I have huge number of things to be done and they rank higher on my Priority Meter. And there's only so many things I can do without diluting my effort.

Reporter 2: Surely, you have time for occasional posts?!
Me: A fact I don't deny. But I intend to use the time for better purposes.

Reporter 1: Like?
Me: I will continue to write stories, poems and 'pieces'. I hope to give much more time to the subjects I enjoy. And work on those which I'm yet to enjoy.

Reporter 3: So what is the road ahead for readers of this blog?
Me: I will be back. That is certain. Meanwhile, there are million other blogs waiting to be explored.

Reporters: We wish you all the very best for your goals and hope that your distant dreams becomes a reality.
Me: Thank you! I will forever be indebted to faithful readers like you.